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Ryan & Krystle Howard's- My New Team (2015)

Ryan & Krystle Howard's- My New Team (2015)

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Author:Ryan Howard/ Krystle Howard

Publisher:Scholastic Paperacks


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Age Range:7-10

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One afternoon, after a long day of second grade, Little Rhino comes home to find out that Grandpa James has signed him up for a baseball league! Little Rhino will finally be a part of a team! But Little Rhino will quickly learn that is not always so easy to a good teammate, especially when there's a bully wearing the same uniform as you.

From Major League Baseball superstar Ryan Howard and his wife, Krystle Howard, a former elementary school teacher, this exciting new series is a fun read for sports and book fans alike!

Get ready for a wild ride with Little Rhino and his new team! Ryan & Krystle Howard's My New Team (2015) is an exciting and fun-filled story about a little rhino joining a baseball team. Enjoy a Storytime that will have young readers diving into the first book in the series

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