About Us

Welcome all and thank you for joining us on this journey to provide you, the customer, quality products at low prices. We are ThriftyKing LLC a brand new online retailer, and we plan on offering the best prices the internet can offer from a trusted company. 


Our company started in the fall of 2022 when our founders Brittney & D’Andre Ruth decided it was time to do something great, not only for their child but for you as well. The two had always wanted to go into business and what better way to start than to sell discount products. 


In the years since COVID-19 hit companies have been capitalizing on the increase in at home sales, all the while unapologetically inflating prices knowing we will pay them in exchange for safety and convenience. We are not like that, while we are a for-profit company we are also a “For the People” company meaning we put your financial needs first, which is why ALL of our products are marked 20%-30% retail price even going as high as 50% off. 


To be able to give you the absolute best prices out there our team has spent many hours looking through various sources. We buy from auction houses, wholesalers, manufacturers, and even our own customers and filter all of the savings directly to you. While there are hundreds of stores that follow this same business model there are a select handful (including ThriftyKing) that take the time and effort to THOROUGHLY test the products we receive. 

Quality Assured

Here at ThiriftyKing LLC we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers receive the best quality products. With that in mind we go above and beyond in our testing, ensuring all of our products are at or comparable to factory standards. We do all we can, aside from using your product to ensure its functionality. We stand behind our products and believe in our products so much that we guarantee a 100% rebate on any product marked “Quality Assured”.

Our Team 

 D'Andre Ruth( co-founder, CEO, CFO, and CMO) was born on May 17, 1998 in Winston-Salem, NC and resided for most of his life in Clemmons, NC.  Mr. Ruth has a background in EMS and as a performer in his younger years. Mr. Ruth is married to our other co-founder and COO Brittney Ruth. D’Andre has always wanted to get into business and into various markets. Mr. Ruth is largely self taught in regards to business and has been studying the subject for nearly 8 years. Mr. Ruth's driving factor in running our company is to build a strong reliable source of income for his children and to provide a safe trusted product source for you and your children.  

Brittney Ruth (co-founder, COO, CTO, and CCO) was born May 24th, 1999 in Rutherfordton, NC. Brittney  worked at a private welding company and a Private school before marrying Mr. Ruth and moving to Winston-Salem. Mrs. Ruth is looking to go to esthetician school in the near future. Mrs. Ruth’s hope for ThriftyKing is that her kids are always taken care of as well as the customers.